BV houses

A home with a unique concept

We’re proud to present our signature design: the BV home. This high-quality home is contemporary in style and perfectly suited to your needs.

With its clean lines, personalized spaces and unmistakable design, the BV home makes its mark in the architectural home category. Our unique structure, pre-engineered manufacturing and technological advances enable us to offer quality products at affordable prices in the luxury home industry.

We’ve resized and redefined everyone’s needs to provide an optimal living space for all. BV spaces are larger and brighter than standard homes.

Unlike prefabricated homes, every BV home is built on site to guarantee the highest construction standards. What’s more, our homes are built with eco-responsible materials and local labor. The BV art of building guarantees the art of living.

A modular home

In today’s ever-changing society, it’s difficult to project ourselves into the future and anticipate our needs for the next five, ten or even twenty years. That’s why we offer a home that can grow and change with your life.

Add a bedroom, a garage, extend the kitchen, etc. The possibilities are endless with our modules, which integrate seamlessly with the original design. What’s more, as our population ages, multi-generational homes are becoming increasingly popular.

With its ease of expansion, La Maison BV is ideally suited to this type of housing, offering families simple, innovative solutions. This flexibility also facilitates the sale of BV Homes.

If your next buyer wants three bedrooms but you only have two, it’s now quick and easy to modulate or extend the space to suit his or her new needs.

A smart home

Home automation at the service of ecology.

To enhance your daily life, your Maison BV can be equipped with a home automation system linked directly to your smartphone. This allows you to control and program your daily tasks remotely, such as lighting, sound, the camera system, and lowering the sunshades according to the ambient temperature.

It’s imperative to reduce our ecological footprint, and home automation is the ideal solution. By programming and automating all home services, we can really make a difference to our energy consumption. So, in addition to superior design quality, you’ll benefit from cutting-edge technologies that will enhance and simplify your day-to-day comfort.

A green home

The environmental aspect is of paramount importance to us, so it goes without saying that we build with local, certified materials. We also choose our builders locally, to encourage socio-economic development that strengthens the region. At BV Design, we minimize the transportation of materials and think in terms of passive energy when setting up the project. We also incorporate the latest technologies to not only simplify your daily life, but also optimize the surrounding resources. In addition to meeting Novoclimat standards, our superior insulation is combined with seamless waterproofing across the entire surface of the house, preventing the creation of thermal bridges. The passive design of the Maison BV also considerably reduces heating and cooling costs. Green roofs, in addition to being increasingly popular, improve a building’s energy efficiency. If the customer so desires, Le BV Design will integrate a green roof into the project, whether for a more pleasant terrace or as an alternative to traditional roofing materials. Green roofs are available for flat or low-slope roofs.

Green options:

Rainwater harvesting

Installing a heat pump

Dual-flow ventilation

Energy-efficient windows and doors

LED lighting

Insulation to Novoclimat standards

A green roof

An affordable home

When we think of renovation, we often imagine an expensive project. Because Maison BV is designed to adapt over time, it also adapts to your budget. Block prices are stable, making it easier for you to organize your budget and save on notary and real estate agent fees, and avoid having to move when your home no longer suits your needs.

Thanks to the repetition of modules, we’ve been able to democratize not only architectural planning, but also the speed of construction. Offering quality housing at an affordable price that respects the environment – these are the values we hold dear.

An adaptable home

In addition to matching your tastes and needs, the BV House orchestrates itself gracefully on your land. Whether you’re located in the forest, the countryside, the suburbs or the city, the dimensions of BV modules adapt to every environment. In the city, for example, the shape of the building emphasizes user privacy, while offering contact with the urban exterior. Mountain homes, on the other hand, will prioritize views of nature and sensitive integration with their surroundings. Whatever the terrain or your requirements, the BV Design team is ready to meet any challenge.