Dinner & drinks



Raw Pringles, Dipp Feuillantines and Humus Sauce

Main course

Poke Bowl, Sesame, Edamame and Carrots Asian Noodle Salad, Vegetables and Lemongrass

Marinated & Grilled Vegetables Hummus & Moroccan Carrot Salad 

Assortment of Empanadas and Chimicchurri Variation of Guyozas, Spring Onion and Soy

Hot Skewers, Poultry & Beef, Homemade Coucou de Malines Tender

Potato Wedges and Sriracha Mayonnaise Penne Pancetta & Peas 

Dressing & Condiments Pesto and Whipped Vegetables Lebanese Bread

Cheese & charcuterie

Shrimp Croquettes & Old Brugge Croquettes

Italian Charcuterie Board, Coppa, Bresaola

Proscuito & Pancetta

Creamy Burrata, Herb Oil and Toasted Bread. Tagliatelle Tartufata, Arugula & Parmesan


Profiteroles, Raspberry Crust, Morello Cherries, Lemon Meringue Tart, Apricot, Chocolate Cake, Paris Brest, Tatin, Salted Butter Caramel


Soft drinks, beer, wine & cava



18.00: Welcoming & bubbles @ les jeux d’hiver Bruxelles

Arrival of guests and members, come and meet entrepreneurs from around the world and your region, ready to share their contacts and experience. A great evening should always start with bubbles.

18.30: What is Corporate Connection

Create and Accelerate Business Opportunities
Our proven structure results in our Members sharing opportunities for business growth, strategic alliances, joint ventures and the co-creation of new enterprises. Our Members are continuously collaborating to move business forward.

Experience the Extraordinary
With unparalleled access to the world, our Members are empowered to expand their horizons, knowledge and perspectives. Whether it be an intimate meeting with a fellow Member, a Forum retreat, or taking their families to our National and Global Conventions, Members are continuously discovering new ways to think, inspire and lead.

Make Smarter Decisions Faster
Our Members face important personal and professional decisions daily. The CorporateConnections Forum provides a confidential environment in which Members leverage the shared experiences of their peers to gain clarity and make better decisions faster.

Robert Gervais Mr. Gervais is one of the founders of CorporateConnections® and has served as Global President since January 2017. 

Robert is passionate about the power of connecting leaders across the globe and making a difference in people’s organizations, communities and lives. Prior to CorporateConnections®, Robert founded and served as President & CEO of Zerofail, a technology company that he grew from start-up to multinational prior to selling in 2015.

18.45: Journey of an entrepreneur

The testimony of our host Benjamin Van den Eede. A Belgian designer immigrated to Canada. He will tell how the networks were able to help him in the development of his business. How to avoid pitfalls and above all that it is the secret to developing your business as far as you want. 

Benjamin Van den Eede Is the founder of La maison BV. Originally from Brussels, he left Europe in 2015 for Canada. He invented a new construction system called the BV cube. This system makes it possible to deliver kit houses throughout the world while respecting superior quality and the ecology of tomorrow. The use of bio-source materials and new robotic technologies make BV houses a unique system. That process responds to a sophisticated clientele in unfavorable economic situation. Luxury homes at the right price. 

19.15: dinner & presentation of guests

MAKE YOUR BUSINESS FAMOUS ! Send us a video of yourself of maximum 30 seconds and we will broadcast it during dinner. Make yourself known and above all make a difference. The BV Canada team will choose the three most inspiring videos and give you the chance to come present your business on stage for 5 minutes. The Bv team retains the exclusive right to choose the selection criteria 😉 inspiring, original, surprising…. who knows
Here are some examples.

20.45: Presentation CC Brussels

CorporateConnections is built on a strong set of Core Values that guide how our members engage and conduct business. This alignment creates a unique atmosphere to facilitate growth and transformation

Erik Arnout runs CC Belgium and The Netherlands with his Dutch business partner, Joeri Blom.
In 2022, they started building and training their team of directors for developing CC chapters in both countries.
Last April, a first chapter launched in the city of Antwerp, while another group formed near Ghent and first steps are being taken in the formation of chapters in many more cities throughout Belgium and The Netherlands.
He loves travelling to and learning from CC events around the globe, and initiated the very first European CC Summit in Brussels tomorrow.

21.00: Be a woman entrepreneur in 2024

Testimonials from women entrepreneurs. What were the challenges and how did they manage to highlight their strengths to be tomorrow’s examples today?

Sophie Rohonyi, Federal parliamentarian and president of the Council of French-speaking Women of Belgium (CFFB). Sophie, a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to combating sexism and advocating for equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of gender. Sophie’s commitment to this cause nd her fight for the right to abortion is not only inspiring but also essential in a world where gender disparities continue to persist. In this presentation, we will delve into Sophie’s experiences, the challenges she faces, and the significance of her fight against patriarchy. 

21.00: Networking games

It’s time for the networking. Take advantage of this opportunity to make plenty of contacts and take the time to meet the different guests.

21.00: Welcome to the club

For the most motivated, the doors to the trendiest club in Brussels will open at 10 p.m.
We have privatized some rallying tables for the participants.
The dress code is business and casual (Shirt or Dress).

The Club